PROPTOGRAPHY is currently undertaking Part 102 certification with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to ensure we provide a professional and safe service for our clients and the public. This is a thorough process and will take time. We look forward to advising you of our progress. In the meantime, our pilots have received training from a certified Aviation Training Organisation (Aviation Safety Management Systems Ltd) to the following levels:
- UAS Remote Pilot Certificate
- Advanced UAS Remote Pilot Certificate
- Current Operational Competency Assessment
South Auckland (and Auckland in general) is full of airspace restrictions. Safe drone flying needs to take into consideration the safety of not only those on the ground but also those sharing the sky as well. Make sure your provider is qualified and experienced to conduct their work. Before each booking, we conduct a thorough examination of the airspace rules as it pertains to the property location and then makes arrangements as required. Any issues will be discussed prior to the job being undertaken. Otherwise, we look forward to providing you with images from the sky! For more info see here.
We provide various drone services for the capture (photos and video) of the property including of;
- Top-view of the property section
- Views of the surrounding area
- Elevated views of the property and section